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F1: Rivals set to copy McLaren suspension

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McLaren's Formula 1 rivals are set to copy its innovative rear suspension design if the FIA confirms that it is legal.


One of the main technical talking points of the first pre-season test at Jerez has been McLaren's suspension "blockers," which appeared on its new MP4-29 in Spain.

At least one team has asked the governing body for clarification that the design complies with the regulations relating to the maximum number of arms in the rear suspension. Sources close to the governing body insist that it is fully satisfied the McLaren design is legal. However, that does not mean that its stance could not be challenged with an official protest in a race.


Analysis: McLaren suspension "blocks"

One more likely avenue for teams, however, is for them to begin working on their own similar design. Ferrari technical director James Allison admitted that he was likely to take a closer look at it… (more)

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