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How To Pass 15 Cars In One Lap At Sebring

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C.J. Wilson Racing's Stevan McAleer put on a show during last week's Continental Tire Series race at Sebring International Raceway where he drove from the back of the grid—thanks to a minor technical infringement in qualifying—to pick off 15 cars on the opening lap in his Mazda MX-5.


If that feat wasn't impressive enough on its own, McAleer and co-driver Chad McCumbee would eventually carve their way to a second-place finish, traveling all the way from 57th overall on Lap 1 to 19th and P2 in the Street Tuner class after 2.5 hours of racing.

One of the great joys in racing comes from watching a fast car slice through the field, which McAleer described in detail for RACER below:

Notes on the Start -

Turn 1: Expectations here were to keep the eyes up and look for trouble. The door opens up on the right on the normal line so I brake as late as possible to jump the Hyundai.


Turn 2-3: Originally I was looking to follow the Porsche on the inside but he waits too long and last minute and an opportunity opens up down the right hand side into the braking zone of Turn 3. I don't think it was too risky a move but it only gains me 1 position on the Porsche initially, until the BMW messes up in front of me and I clear him in Turn 4.

Turn 4-5: All single-file here so holding ground and looking for good draft from cars in front down into Turn 7. (Continued)

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