The Indy Lights Series—college ball for future IndyCar drivers—has a new chassis on the way for 2015, and taking a page from villains and world leaders, the Italian-made carbon-fiber chassis from Dallara will feature the latest Zylon anti-intrusion paneling (in red).

Known for being twice as strong as Kevlar, the bulletproof material has become mandatory in most open-wheel racecars, including Formula 1 and in IndyCar where drivers are relatively exposed on both sides while traveling at speeds in excess of 200mph.

I don't think he's quite ready to trade in his 10,000-pound bomb-proof Caddy DTS, but if President Obama wants to give this 500hp, 1400-pound Dallara Indy Lights car a try, it can handle small-arms fire and comes loaded with cutting-edge safety measures.

By: @MarshallPruett